3 Way Call

Need a 3 way call?

  1. With Z use (712) 775-8972 Conference Code: 625260 With Kim use (605) 475-3235 Conference Code: 753178# If you do alot of these with us, you may want to program the phone number into your cell phone. Please remember each 3 way conference call needs to be pre-scheduled by sending either of us a text message with 3 separate days and times. We promise to make 1 of the day and time combinations work.
  2. Make sure your person has watched ChampionsWebinar.com After you invite them to watch it, follow up to make sure they actually did watch it!)
  3. Recognize this is an extremely important business meeting and that your person needs to be made aware of that.  i.e. no picking up kids from school, driving to the dentist, etc.

What exactly is a 3 way call you ask? Watch as Double Diamond Jenny Donnelley explains below.

Word choices during the first few minutes of a 3 way call.